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Getting Ready for Fasting - Food pre-prep

Bismi'Llah, may we reach this Ramadan, beyond and many more.... Amin.

With Ramadan a few weeks away, it is time to start thinking of ways to easy your tasks during this beautiful month so that you can stay spiritually focused.

I start with my favourite - food. I think it will ease your cooking burden if you can kind of pre-prep your food weeks before and freeze them all.

Few tips here, please observe the most hygiene standard where possible and buy the freshest of product where you can.

Do your grocery shopping a few weeks early. Make a list of those nutritious, mineral and vitamin loaded foods you like to eat regularly or occasionally.

All you vegetable can be washed, peeled chopped and portioned according to how you will be cooking them. Depending on your cuisine. Root vegetables included.

Your tender leafy vegetables can be bought fresh, washed/cleaned, portioned then frozen.

Your stew can be blended with most of its ingredients, part steam it, **let it cool down and frozen. Your meat and fish can be washed, marinated, portioned and frozen to be stewed, cooked, fried, grilled e.t.c when you need it.

This *F (F for Frozen Food) word can make your food last longer, save you time and help you put an attainable meal plan in place. Awesome right?

The whole idea is that you should be able get your 2 - 2.5 hours prep time meals ready in 30 - 45 minutes max, if you plan ahead and most importantly pre-prepare your meals before Ramadan. This will also save you time, energy and money as you will be avoiding the hiked food price and rush before Ramadan starts.

Have a meal plan based on your shopping and now frozen foods, stick this somewhere you can easy access and follow it.

*For best result cook all frozen veg from frozen (do not defrost before cooking) and cook under low - medium heat.

**Please do not freeze hot or warm food, wait for it to cool right down then freeze, first in fast freeze after which you may move it to other freezer compartments. I hope you find this useful.

It'd be interesting to know what group of food your cuisine is based on? Comment below...

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