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Ramadhan Chocolate Calendar

Updated: May 6, 2020

We praise and thank the almighty Allah subuhana wa ta’ala. The first and the last, the begging and the end. The Sustainer, The Preventer, The Peace, The Provider, His is the kingdom. None has the right to be worshipped except Allah, The All Hearing.

We send blessing and salutations upon the prophet Muhammad sal Allahu alayh  wa Salam, his family, his companions, his followers, yourselves and us. Amin.

We thank all our customers who bought our Ramadhan revelations. part of the proceed from this was used to provide Iftar (breaking of fast food) to the needy.

We split our Sadaqah (alms giving) amongst the following.

40% Direct Sadaqah to the needy in South West Nigeria during the first few days of Ramadhan.

20% went to a UK charity called HHUGS for the Ramadan without Baba campaign, this provides support to children whose father has recently died or for some reason or the other not there during Ramadhan.

10% went to a charity called NOBU foundation, they provide eye care for charity in South West Nigeria for their Ramadhan campaign which provides Iftar for these users, who are unable to do so themselves due to economic reasons.

20% went to Iqra cartoon, this is a children Cartoon network where they educate children about religious facts and authentic prophet stories in the most playfully educational manner possible.

10% went to the National Autistic society a leading UK charity for autistic people. This was to support their campaign to provide support  autistic children and their families and create awareness.

We distributed these funds according to our customer recommendations.

We are keen on improving what we do on a daily basis. We welcome suggestions from you, which we will endeavour to act on in future.

Jazak Allah khair  (may Allah reward you). We thank you & appreciate your support.

Ramadhan & Eid Mubarak from all of us at BeJustFab1

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