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The perfect "I Do": Our essential guide to a stress-free wedding

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Things to do as soon as you become engaged

  • Share your good news with your immediate family and friends {Framily}

  • Arrange a family meeting involving both sets of parents

  • Start marriage counselling

  • Start saving extra and set a wedding budget

  • Allocate tasks and who is responsible for it

  • Arrange a first meeting with your Sheikh or Imam, minister or priest, registry office or civil venue to set a date for your wedding

  • Send ‘Save the date’ notifications all guests

  • Make appointments with bridal boutiques and suit couture

  • Decide with your partner your witnesses, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

12 months before the big day

  • Announce your engagement to your extended framily

  • Optional: set a date for your engagement {or traditional} party

  • Think about the type and size of of wedding you'd like and create a guest list 

  • Start looking at venues and options

  • Think about wedding theme and colours

  • Select your bridesmaid and groomsmen

  • Send out save the date cards, messages or emails to guests

10 months before the big day

  • Decide on your venue and pay deposit

  • Book your Imam, registrar or cleric

  • Purchase wedding insurance if you need one

  • Consider hiring a wedding planner or assistant if you need one at BeJustFab1

  • Set up a messaging group to keep your friends up to date about your wedding

  • Decide and book photographer (and videographer)

8 months before the big day

  • Order your wedding suit and dress as well as accessories

  • Order your brides maid and groomsmen outfits and accessories

  • Decide and book a wedding caterer, florist, transport, cake maker and honeymoon

  • Contact BeJustFab1 if you need them to hire furniture or linen

6 months before the big day

  • Decide where to book accommodation for your & your guests wedding night

  • Order wedding favours from BeJustFab1

  • Set up a gift list or Aso ebi

  • Decide and order stationery, rings etc

  • Keep an eye on your diet and weight

  • Sort out your honeymoon arrangements if you are having one

4 months before the big day

  • Order bespoke dressing gowns from BeJustFab1

  • Plan your stage do and hen night

  • Decide and order gifts for each other, your parents and