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Back to Basic. Let’s assume you are building a plastic plate tower, you keep building and adding to it; its taller by the minute. Now it got so high that it has no where else to go but down!

You are trying so hard to live and build a healthy life style but you keep building and building and building so high on a genetically modified fruit and vegetables. Obviously you are going no where else with the diet other than down. Why?

Firstly, you are doing very well eating the right types of foods at the right time but unfortunately, you are not buy produces that have been grown in the best way to benefit from its natural nutrient. If you buy organic, you will reap the best benefit from these produces since they will be full of natural nutrients from the earth.

Secondly, you are also thinking along the right line, being health and eating the right things. One other thing you must consider is how to best to prepare these fruits and / or vegetables so that your preserve its nutrients and minerals to reap its benefit. Foods that grow in the earth are naturally rich and does not require add ons such as water or oil or most importantly, high heat.

Heat when you think about it, heat sterilises things .i.e kills. If you burn your skin, you will notice that the skin around that burn will die. The skin will have to fall out and reproduce itself – grow new skin.

These produces cannot reproduce them selves as they have been harvested. Hence when you cook or steam fruits and  vegetable over high heat, you will kill most if not all the minerals and vitamins in the produce.

All you are now eating, after cooking the food on high heat is the food corpse. Since all the minerals & vitamins has either been washed away in water or burnt up with heat, there is no need to dab the produce in oil or even mask it with flavours.

Thirdly, beware not to scrap off the skin on produce as these also contain vitamins and minerals good for the body. In the case of a carrot, there is no need to of the carrot just scrub it with a sponge to remove soil from its skin same as potatoes. If you are on a strict diet to lose weight you may de-starch your potatoes.

Lastly, eat more food that will counter any health issues you may have. For example if you have weak eye sight go for fruits and vegetable that are good for eye sight and will prevent eye degeneration. Have these more regularly and in slightly bigger portion compared to e.g. carbohydrates.

The moral, we all have to go back to eating basic fruit and vegetables. We also have to cook our foods in the most simple and basic of processes, while keep ingredients to bare minimum and basically, cook under minimal heat for short amount of time.

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