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The Most Rewarding Job Ever!

The toughest job in the world yet most rewarding?!

Like any other jobs, it has its pros and cons. Unlike any other jobs it is the most detailed job I have ever heard of, yet you often have no prior training before starting out, You are trusted with so much.

You get to think on your feet all the time, make decisions for the foreseeable future even though you have no idea what that would look like.

This is a job where you are likely to go in as a fine skinny girl but quickly flip to a fuller lady, if you are lucky back to a slimmer lady.

Some people rush into this post thinking it will solve all their attachment issues, that it will help them find them, that they may never be lonely, that they may become part of a very diverse team. For some this is the case, other are not so lucky. Your colleague may leave the team to become solo or a part of another team, then you start the search again for the right team member.

Others spend the rest of their lives applying over and over and over again for the same post unsuccessful each time.

This is a job where you literally have no idea what to expect, you are although expected to wear a different cap each time. Stay focused, show up; be present; it is usually physically & mentally challenging. You have a pretty long to do list yet you are assigned more tasks, with pretty long working hours,

Are you familiar with the saying "Jack of all trade Master of none"? Not in this case you are the Jack of all trade yet the Master of all. This is a job where you literally have to know a thing or two about everything you can possible think of, with no apprenticeship, training, certificate, diploma or degree. When you self reflect and realise you are failing you have to self motivate and get on with it. Especially when you cannot find help you become the help you need.

You have to be good at soliciting, negotiating, you have to be diplomatic, organised well enough to work in a chaotic environment, tactful, clever yet act dumb or silly at times.

You cannot quit, you cannot call in sick, you cannot go on holiday neither can you retire.

No pension, no lunch breaks, no holidays, no me time, no days of sick, no retirement, no PAY! Least I forget the most physically challenging and painful part..... is your first meeting, where you prepare for nine plus months during this time you are basically lodging another person in your previous body. You cannot even complain.

And guess what? Its all legal!

All that for a meaningful connection, all that for a fulfilment that comes with knowing you did your best and your best is enough.

All that and a whole lot more just to earn the job title M.O.M

To the billions of people who chose this career path, you are not only awesome you are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

This blog is dedicated you, yes you. I know a lot of beautiful MOMs. Here is one of them Lady**** beautiful single mother of three boys, most of whom are married themselves. 60 never look so good, you are a true reflection of black don't crack. How you carry yourself with so much swag, my respect for you is on another level. I love you zero tolerance to drama lifestyle, you are a true mother. Thank you for showing us how its done.

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